Fortuna Redwood AutoXpo Cruise

Cruisin' Down the Boulevard - Participants Only
Friday 6:00 - 7:30 p.m.

A popular event at any car show is "The Cruise", and AutoXpo starts off with this hugely anticipated party on Friday night. Viewers enjoy the sights and sounds as much as the participants; many residents pull out barbecues, lawn chairs and picnic baskets and make a party of it. Citizens line the streets, hold picnics and even present formal dinners on the median of Fortuna Boulevard.

The roads are closed and given over to the Cruise participants. The route takes them through the downtown area and the entire length of Fortuna Boulevard as they fondly relive their heydays on the Boulevard of Dreams.

This parade of cars is the central event of California car culture, showing off form and style in motion. Participants delight in showing off the sights and sounds of their vehicles. The Cruise route is filled with lovingly-polished chrome and sheet metal, testosterone and exhaust fumes from overheated tailpipes.